From Dystopia to Freedom

Set in 2021 where the world seems to have gone mad. Many people have lost touch with their souls and are living in fear. It’s time to find solutions and reconnect. Be empowered that there are millions of us awakening worldwide.


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COVID-1984 Board Game: The Delta Variant

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The goal is to get through the forest garden labyrinth to the fire circle, meditate, drum, dance, pray and then return everyone home safely. Collect the solutions (Healing Therapies and Remedies) along the way to help solve the challenges (Dangers, Conspirators, Conspiracies) presented. Watch out for the Dangers and find/ use solutions to help you and others get back on the path. Learn about the Conspirators along the way. You will also run into some wild Conspiracies to discuss. Take a trek off the beaten path and rejuvenate with a sweat lodge, swim in the lake, walk in the woods or garden for food.

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created by @SacredHeartVortex 2021